En kristen oas för Göteborg och världen

THE GREAT GIFT - Make a difference right now

While we're all as busy as ever trying to find the right gifts to put under the Christmas tree, Advent arrives with the message of the greatest gift of all. God's gift. The entire Christmas story is presented in one sentence in John 3:16: For God so loved the world that He gave... 

Gifts are expressions for love and thoughtfulness, but also challenge thankfulness and reception from us people. 

Do we really have to receive, or do we need to give? 

The starting point for the series is with various characters in the Christmas story and how they react when God takes human form and places Himself in their story. The people we meet in the Christmas story are not totally unlike ourselves. That's why their story is also ours. 


Using the motto ’The Great Gift’, we want to once again challenge to be a part of a collection towards our new church ”Frihamnskyrkan” at the same time as we strive to reach our collection goal for the continual annual running costs for the church. The goal is to collect 2.5 million crowns, that would take us a bit closer towards our total goal of at least 20 million crowns.

We dream of the future, but already now make a difference by the churches’ vibrant and extensive ministry. Our entire city needs the gift we have received through faith in Jesus. Your gift makes a difference already here and now. Every crown makes a difference…


28 Nov at 11 am
1 advent - Give or get?
Preacher: Mats Särnholm

5 Dec at 3 pm
2 advent - Too good to be true?

Luk 1:5-25
Preacher: Mark Beckenham

12 Dec at 3 pm
3 advent – How will it happen?
Luk 1:26-35

19 Dec at 3 pm
4 advent – To you – From God
Luk 2:1-20
Preacher: Mark Beckenham

26 Dec at 3 pm – Miss the gift?
Matt 2:1-4
Preacher: Kiumbiro Murigu

2 Jan at 3 pm– What do you wish for?
Rom 12:1-2
Preacher: Mark Beckenham