En kristen oas för Göteborg och världen


What is Smyrna congregation?
The Smyrna congregation was formed in 1922 when 123 of the then existing members of the Bethel assembly gathered together to start a new church named Smyrna.
Smyrna assembly is an autonomous assembly within the Pentecostal movement and has at the present time approximately 3300 members within the Gothenburg region and is the second largest Pentecostal church in Sweden.

The congregation has various ministries for example choirs, kids and family camps, sunday-school, confirmation, conferences, musicals with dance and drama, concerts, café, radio, soup-lunch, missions in other countries and a food distribution ministry “Manna” that daily distributes food bags to the needy of Gothenburg. Between 1000 and 1500 people gather for different types of gatherings during an average week and on Sundays approximately 1000 people gather in the central church situated at Haga for the three services that are offered. Apart from that there are services held at four other venues around greater Gothenburg.

Since 2011 the church has experienced a period of great growth and change. Many, from other countries have connected with the church and given it a clearer multicultural profile. During the same period the church´s social work has also changed and increased. The growth has first and foremost been noticed evening time during week-days with gatherings for different age-groups, language-groups and cultural-groups. But also daytime with a continual flow of those seeking help and support at the church´s entrance area.
The present church was built in the 1940´s with venues that aren´t very flexible and not equipped to meet the needs of the physically impaired.

What does Smyrna want to do?

The vision of the church is to be a Christian oasis for Gothenburg and the world and the mission we have taken on is to build an International fellowship that follows Jesus and transforms lives and society.

We often use the fingers of a hand to remind ourselves of what we do.

We use the Index finger to, just as Gustaf the second, point at the city of Gothenburg – we engage ourselves for our city.

With our Long finger we want to show that we reach far away, beyond cultural and ethnic boarders. We want to be an International congregation.

The Ring finger reminds us about love for our fellow-men, care for each other and others.

We use our Little finger to hook up with others. We want to make a difference together with other churches and other good causes in our city.

The Thumb, the strongest finger that really creates the possibility to grab things with a sturdy grip and reminds us of prayer and fellowship with Jesus. 

The Future Church

As seen by our Vision, we want as a church to be an oasis for Gothenburg and want to be a part of transforming our world. In line with this and parallel with the development of the church and growing logistic problems our focus has been adjusted towards “Frihamnen”. A location that together with its beautiful name (Frihamnen = Harbour of Freedom) and with its symbolic location is an eye-catcher close by the river that divides our city.

Here are the deeper motives why we desire to construct a new building at Frihamnen:

-We want to create a better basis for being a positive force in the central society of the new Gothenburg.

-We want to create a multicultural meeting point in the centre of the new International Gothenburg and a hub in our greater International network.

-We want to create better opportunities sowe can increase our social work and develop our work amongst kids and youth. 

-We want to be a part of building a wider cooperation with churches and society for the best of the city where venues and public activities can be resources for everyone irrespective of age, conviction, ethnicity, financial, physical and social ability etc.

We dream of being a love-driven, socially sustainable fellowship in the centre of the new Gothenburg where broken lives can be restored and relationships healed. We dream more than that, that we can a part of healing Gothenburg as a city.

Our strongest driving-force in all of this is our faith in Jesus who personalized the love of God.

When Älvstranden Utveckling AB (ÄUAB/ Älvstranden Development Inc.) at the beginning of 2016 gave our church a land allocation for a new church in the Frihamnen area, the church board asked that a work-group update previous investigation material and make a new assessment as to how the future venue needs could best be met. This assignment was presented to the church at the beginning of May 2016 and May 7th 2016 a directional preliminary decision was taken to construct a new church.


The new church we plan includes many possibilities and improvements. Below there are a few examples:

-A flexible auditorium. It will be able to expand and increase Smyrna´s maximum capacity. It will also have a flexible, large functional stage. And of course no pillars and places with limited sight.

-Complementary church halls. There will be venues that create the possibility to have multiple services or other gatherings simultaneously. This will give the church greater flexibility and ability to grow.

-In the new church there will be venues specifically designed and furnished for kids and youth. There will also be numerous group-rooms, class-rooms and conversation rooms for the different groups. There will be practice rooms for music as well. 

-Smyrna´s social work has grown and in the new venues we will have more space and opportunities to do even more for the needy. This will mean easier handling, better hygiene and more dignified.

-A restaurant kitchen and a church kitchen. In the new church we will be able to have both a professional kitchen and a more obtainable kitchen for internal use.

-An open, flexible and welcoming church-square.

-The whole of Smyrna will be obtainable for all that have some level of physical deficiency. From the auditorium, balcony, stage to the kid’s areas and more.

PLACement and time-plan

In the various structural plan suggestions that have been discussed regarding the Frihamnen area, the proposed church building is placed the same. That is why the opportunity has been opened for us to apply for building permission earlier than expected. On the picture you can see the proposed church (KY) in the middle of some existing buildings – that will remain and be partially modified. The Art-hall in Gothenburg will move in to building K as one of numerous neighbours. A hotel (H) is planned to be situated somewhere close to the square where the church is nearby – but this has not been definitely decided as of yet. The red areas are planned parking areas to begin with due to the fact that the surrounding area has not been developed. A multi-story parking lot is later planned to be built close to the church. The amount of parking spaces is uncertain. The Jubilee park that is planned close to the water to the west of the church is planned to be completed during 2021.

Preliminary Time-plan

May 19th 2019 Church info meeting directly after Smyrna 11 with oral and printed presentation of suggestion regarding decision. 

Information will also be given on the same day directly after Smyrna 15 and Smyrna 19.

June 9th 2019 Extra administration meeting opens directly after Smyrna 11. Suggestion presented to the church to make a decision with terms to sell present facilities, purchase plot of land at Frihamnen and also construct a suggested church building on the premises. 

It will be suggested that a vote be performed until 19.15 (7.15pm) on the same day. The extra administration meeting will continue at 19.00 and shortly afterwards the result will be presented.

Building permission application process during Summer 2019

Winter 2020 – construction start

2021/ 2022 – Move in to new church


You can send your questions to or contact us personally.


Updated April 2019